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What can we do to stop plastic pollution at work?

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Here are 5 small changes to reduce plastic pollution in your office. …

3 things to know about the future workplace

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Technology will bring significant changes to the job force but what will this mean for the future workplace?…

How to avoid disability discrimination in India

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disability discrimination

For a manager, avoiding discrimination in the workplace is important when it comes to ensuring employees feel safe and respected. Here are 5 examples of how to avoid and manage disability discrimination in the workplace.  …

Racism in the workplace: What can managers do?

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According to a recent survey by business psychologists Pearn Kandola, over half of UK employees have witnessed racism in the workplace but a shocking third of them said they failed to report it to their employer….

What is gamification?

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Gamification. You have probably heard this term more and more over the past few years. It sounds pretty fun but if, when you hear the word, you assume you’ll spend the rest of your working days playing games, you are both correct and incorrect. Let’s look at gamification and what it actually means? …