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3 things to know about the future workplace

workplaceAs technological breakthroughs increase the work tasks performed by machines and algorithms, those performed by humans will see a huge shift. This means that the workplace will undergo major transformations and will look very different than the one we are in now.   (more…)

How to avoid disability discrimination in India

disability discriminationThe Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act has been in place in India since 2016. The new law protects disabled persons in India from various forms of discrimination, ensures their access to equal employment opportunities, and enhances their societal participation.

For a manager, avoiding discrimination in the workplace isn’t just down to memorising the act but is very important when it comes to ensuring employees feel safe and respected. Here are 5 examples of how to avoid and manage disability discrimination in the workplace.   (more…)

Racism in the workplace: What can managers do?

According to a recent survey by business psychologists Pearn Kandola, over half of UK employees have witnessed racism in the workplace but a shocking third of them said they failed to report it to their employer.

 Less than a fifth reported the issue to HR and only 18 percent spoke to the victim, the survey found. Of the respondents who took no action, four in 10 said they did so out of fear of the consequences. A quarter said they did not consider the incident serious enough to report it, and a further 23 percent claimed that they were unsure of who to report it to.  (more…)

What is gamification?

gamificationGamification. You have probably heard this term more and more over the past few years. It sounds pretty fun but if, when you hear the word, you assume you’ll spend the rest of your working days playing games, you are both correct and incorrect. Let’s look at gamification and what it actually means.