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How to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to your organisation

Initiative, innovation, and imagination. All these factors are what keep a company moving onward and upward and they are also all components of another essential part of a successful business: an entrepreneurial spirit. Often, big businesses, through their elaborate processes and systems, can lose their competitive edge by missing out the entrepreneurialism often associated with small companies and startups. However, entrepreneurial spirit does not depend on the size of your company and with a focus on developing the skills associated with entrepreneurialism, businesses large and small alike can reach new heights in terms of innovation and success.  


What is gamification?

gamificationGamification. You have probably heard this term more and more over the past few years. It sounds pretty fun but if, when you hear the word, you assume you’ll spend the rest of your working days playing games, you are both correct and incorrect. Let’s look at gamification and what it actually means.

How to Be More Innovative and Creative at Work

What does it mean to be creative? Creative people are able to perceive the world in a different way and to uncover what was previously hidden. They’re willing to take risks and go through discomfort in order to turn innovative and improving ideas into reality. But how are you going to become this kind of person? This article will help you to implement more creativity in your workplace.     (more..)

3 Innovation Lessons From 3 Wise People

Innovation is the invisible force behind value-creation, economic growth and living standards. After a year of post-truth politics, when we were told that experts were not trusted any more, I need a metaphorical reboot. Maybe you do too? If so, read on for some valuable learning on innovation.  (more..)