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The psychology of pricing: 4 methods to sell more

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price psychology

Check out our 4 pricing tips that have been psychologically proven to sell more….

Teambuilding: The 4 stages of teamwork

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No two teams are alike. Some team members work well together while others butt heads. Although team members vary massively, the journey a team takes to become a successful working unit can be broken down into 4 stages. …

What to wear to a business meeting in India

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indian business wear

Whether you live in India or are heading over for business, it is important to know what to wear so that you can dress to impress. …

What is gamification?

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Gamification. You have probably heard this term more and more over the past few years. It sounds pretty fun but if, when you hear the word, you assume you’ll spend the rest of your working days playing games, you are both correct and incorrect. Let’s look at gamification and what it actually means? …

Getting the most out of extroverted employees

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All workplaces are full of many different types of personalities, with each bringing their own unique strengths and skill sets to the table. Most noticeably, you’ll often see a proportion of employees best described as ‘extroverts’, as well as many who you would call ‘introverts’ and ‘ambiverts’. Each personality type is crucial to the smooth running of any business, but today we’re going to focus on extroverts….

6 quick reads for online business success

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The holidays are prime time for online businesses. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and general Christmas fever rising every day, consumers are ready to spend and it’s important that digital businesses take advantage of this time. E-commerce businesses is a massive industry to attempt to break into and thrive in. But there are some key elements to take into consideration when building your digital brand. Is your online business ready for the holiday season? Get ready for those online shoppers with these six quick reads. …

Consejos de ventas B2B imprescindibles para emprendedores y pequeñas empresas

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¿Tiene el ser humano pánico a vender? En mi nuevo ebook de la editorial BookBoon expongo de una manera sencilla y desenfadada consejos contados desde la experiencia personal en ventas B2B. Trato de explicar cómo un emprendedor como yo que trabaja en una pequeña empresa encara la venta B2B tras haberme caído muchas veces por el camino….

7 essential components for your Customer Journey Map

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Customer Journeys are the modern version of customer processes. They describe how customers will travel from a desire to an outcome. If you want to put the customer at the heart of your business, ensuring long-term success, Customer Journey Mapping is something
you will have to do to get there. Find out the essential components of a good Customer Journey Map….