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How to create a digital learning culture

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digital learning culture

The purpose behind digital learning is to move from traditional learning habits to newer, more successful ones. A digital learning culture saves time, budgets, increase visibility, accessibility, reachability and creates a stronger sense of community. The challenge is how do we create a culture of digital learning? …

6 quick reads for online business success

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The holidays are prime time for online businesses. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and general Christmas fever rising every day, consumers are ready to spend and it’s important that digital businesses take advantage of this time. E-commerce businesses is a massive industry to attempt to break into and thrive in. But there are some key elements to take into consideration when building your digital brand. Is your online business ready for the holiday season? Get ready for those online shoppers with these six quick reads. …

Data privacy scandal and the #DeleteFacebook campaign

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Facebook - Cambridge Analytica

Probably a few of you may not have heard about the #DeleteFacebook campaign that has been trending on every social media in the last few days.

Facebook had more than $50Bn wiped out from the stock market as the news spread about the data scandal their name got involved in with another company leading this called Cambridge Analytica….

Jenny Crwys & Bookboon Help Tackle the Education Crisis to Lower Cost for Students in SA & Africa

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The Bookboon+network in Africa.

A few weeks ago we have published an article to showcase the situation for students in SA and Africa. Amidst ongoing conflict and violent debate around the cost of tertiary education in South Africa, radio personality Jenny Crwys Williams has joined forces with Bookboon to give students free access to textbooks and key learning resources. She has been appointed patron of the Bookboon+network in Africa, which looks to address the cost barrier of traditional textbooks with a technology enabled, corporate…