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Without the Teamwork Soft Skill, there is No Team

Read this article to find out why the soft skill teamwork is vital for your company's success. Read this article to find out why the soft skill teamwork is vital for your company’s success.

There is not greater soft skill than teamwork. However, ask yourself whether your team is an actual team or whether it is a collection of individuals. Teamwork is vital for your company’s success. Although we cannot change people’s individual outlook, we can encourage them to pull together for the betterment of the team. There is a simple solution that won’t cause you headaches.  (more…)

Bookboon on CNBC: Tackling the education crisis in Africa

Watch the interview on YouTube! Watch the interview on YouTube!

CNBC recently aired a news segment on how Bookboon is making a real difference for millions of students across Africa who are unable to afford the costs of tuition and study materials.  (more…)

Jenny Crwys & Bookboon Help Tackle the Education Crisis to Lower Cost for Students in SA & Africa

The Bookboon+network in Africa. The Bookboon+network in Africa.

A few weeks ago we have published an article to showcase the situation for students in SA and Africa.

Amidst ongoing conflict and violent debate around the cost of tertiary education in South Africa, radio personality Jenny Crwys Williams has joined forces with Bookboon to give students free access to textbooks and key learning resources. She has been appointed patron of the Bookboon+network in Africa, which looks to address the cost barrier of traditional textbooks with a technology enabled, corporate supported model.  (more…)

Bookboon in South Africa: “Free is the new black”

Bookboon plays its part in helping students in South Africa to reach their dream of affording to be a student. Bookboon plays its part in helping students in South Africa to reach their dream of affording to be a student.

“Education was the most powerful weapon with which one could change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Given South Africa’s poverty statistics, it’s probably a reality that the #MustFall generation is here to stay. Some 60% of black African workers earn less than R4,125 per month in South Africa, making it impossible to afford basic necessities, let alone university fees that can cost easily R40,000.

Even if free education becomes a reality, there will still be hidden costs: living expenses, stationery, photocopies, and perhaps the greatest hidden expense — textbooks. If the numbers are anything to go by, e-publishing is providing a valuable alternative for cash-strapped students. (more…)

New Swedish eBook – develop your leadership skills

ny-som-ledare (1)A new Swedish eBook has arrived on Bookboon! We and our author Ylva Ekdahl hope you will find it interesting. This book is perfect for leaders.

Embrace the pressure – Pia Sundhage (former coach of US women’s soccer team, leading them to two Olympic gold medals)

Embrace the pressure – what a great quote to introduce Ylva Ekdahl and her new Swedish business eBook Ny som ledare (New as a leader) to Bookboon! (more…)

Organising your Emails with Outlook 2013

Download Outlook 2013 here!

Over time, you are going to accumulate a lot of emails – especially in a work environment and you won’t want to keep them all in your inbox forever, you’ll never find anything. That’s why Microsoft have a handy way of organising your emails with Outlook 2013. You can create folders and easily drag and drop them into your new filing system.

How to Customise Outlook 2013 Email Options

Download the Outlook 2013 eBook here!

Outlook 2013 does not have a particularly attractive interface and the standard appearance is not always useful to everyone. Thankfully, you can make alterations to make it both attractive and functional. Here is how to customise Outlook 2013 with a particular focus on email options.

Get Started with Email on Outlook 2013

Download Outlook 2013 here!

Outlook 2013 is for email; it’s the main function for the program and most of the time, it is the feature that you will be using the most . It has a lot of other functions and we’ll come to them in time but let’s get you started with the basics of email. Here we have the basics so you can get started with email on Outlook 2013. Are you using Outlook 2013 for the first time? Have a look at the “The Essential Guide for Outlook 2013 Virgins“.

If you are interested in learning how to best schedule meetings in Outlook, check out our blog post “Essential Meetings and Calendar Tips“.


Essential Meetings and Calendar Tips: Outlook 2013

Download the Outlook 2013 eBook here!

Aside from the place view, send and receive email, Outlook is a great calendar-based organisation tool. You can use it to schedule meetings and organise your day – at work and at home. Here are some essential meetings and calendar tips for Outlook 2013.


Essential Guide for Outlook 2013 Virgins

Download the Outlook 2013 eBook here!

Outlook 2013 is very easy to use! For people jumping straight in from Outlook 2003 or earlier, there are a few changes you need to know about. Even if you have never used any version of Outlook before, we’ll have you feeling confident in next to no time. Here’s a real beginner’s guide for Outlook 2013 virgins to get you started. We’ll start with your home screen.