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Without the Teamwork Soft Skill, there is No Team

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Read this article to find out why the soft skill teamwork is vital for business success.

Do you really know how vital team synergy is for your business?…

Bookboon on CNBC: Tackling the education crisis in Africa

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Bekijk het interview op YouTube!

Bookboon plays a key role in helping students gain access to education resources while encouraging corporate executives to invest in the future. Watch this interview to learn how. …

Jenny Crwys & Bookboon Help Tackle the Education Crisis to Lower Cost for Students in SA & Africa

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The Bookboon+network in Africa.

A few weeks ago we have published an article to showcase the situation for students in SA and Africa. Amidst ongoing conflict and violent debate around the cost of tertiary education in South Africa, radio personality Jenny Crwys Williams has joined forces with Bookboon to give students free access to textbooks and key learning resources. She has been appointed patron of the Bookboon+network in Africa, which looks to address the cost barrier of traditional textbooks with a technology enabled, corporate…

Bookboon in South Africa: “Free is the new black”

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Bookboon plays its part in helping students in South Africa to reach their dream of affording to be a student.

Bookboon plays its part in helping students in South Africa to reach their dream of affording to be a student….

New Swedish eBook – develop your leadership skills

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New Swedish eBook: click here to discover our new author and develop your leadership skills….

Organising your Emails with Outlook 2013

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Find out how to organise your inbox with Outlook 2013. Read on to learn how to create a new and practical filing system that it easy to deal with emails !…

How to Customise Outlook 2013 Email Options

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If you work with Outlook 2013, check out these practical tips! Here is how to customise Outlook 2013 with a particular focus on email options….

Get Started with Email on Outlook 2013

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Outlook 2013 is for email; it’s the main function for the program and most of the time. Here we have the basics so you can get started with email on Outlook 2013….