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What can we do to stop plastic pollution at work?

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Did you know that 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every single year? As massive as that number may be, it is actually possible to tackle our effect on the planet by making small changes to our lifestyles every day and what better place to start than our offices? Here are 5 small changes to reduce plastic pollution in your office.

Provide filtered tap water

As much as purchasing a plastic water bottle here and there on your way to work may not feel like it makes a big impact, that small convenience adds up – fast. Globally, one million plastic bottles are used every minute.
Installing a filtered water cooler will not only cut down on your office’s single-use plastic consumption but will also save employees money as well as cutting out the health risks associated with consistent consumption of bottled water.

Have reusable utensils and kitchenware 

Single-use plastic utensils may be useful for a few minutes but stay in the environment for centuries. Providing reusable, washable cutlery and kitchenware is more cost-cost effective and far more sustainable. Encourage employees who order lunches into the office to opt for a cutlery-free option and store reusable kitchenware in a communal and easy-to-access area to remind employees to use it. 

Encourage recycling 

If your office does not already have one, suggest a recycling scheme. As much as we may try to cut down on our usage, wasteful plastic packaging is still a part of modern life. When plastic is present in the office, ensure it is disposed of properly by having clearly marked waste containers. 

Provide tote bags and takeout coffee mugs for lunches

When employees head to the grocery store or local coffee shop, provide them with reusable coffee cups and tote bags to store their food. Bonus tip: Print your company’s logo and website on the totes and cups! Not only is this eco-friendly but is also a great way to do some extra marketing. 

Pollution Prevention and Control

Check out free resources on the effects of pollution such as our free eBook Pollution Prevention and Control

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