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Creative problem solving: 4 problem solving techniques

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Creative problem solving

Conflict is inevitable and unfortunately avoiding our problems both personally and professionally is neither realistic or beneficial to individuals or businesses alike. Let’s look at 4 creative problem-solving techniques to help you manage when conflict comes your way. …

The 5 communication styles

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communication styles

We generally have a prevailing communication style. In normal day to day situations this communication style works for you, you feel comfortable with your interactions, and people are used to you and the way you communicate with them. No one style is right or wrong and each style provides a benefit to both you and the person you are communicating with…

Managing conflict: 5 steps for managers

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conflict management

Conflict, whether large or small, is an inevitable part of any team environment. When conflict arrives within a group of individuals, it can often fall on the manager’s shoulders to address and solve the problem. Here are Bookboon’s 5 steps to conflict resolution for managers. …

Three approaches to mindful leadership

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mindful leadership

 Mindful leadership is an opportunity for leaders to explore a new way of doing business in a cut-throat environment that no longer dishonours our integrity and helps us create a greater life balance. Mindful leadership is a modern art form. Let’s take a look at what this art looks and sounds like in the real world….

Racism in the workplace: What can managers do?

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According to a recent survey by business psychologists Pearn Kandola, over half of UK employees have witnessed racism in the workplace but a shocking third of them said they failed to report it to their employer….