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Tag: workplace conflict

Managing conflict: 5 steps for managers

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conflict management

Conflict, whether large or small, is an inevitable part of any team environment. When conflict arrives within a group of individuals, it can often fall on the manager’s shoulders to address and solve the problem. Here are Bookboon’s 5 steps to conflict resolution for managers. …

The 7 steps of receiving feedback

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receiving feedback

As a manager, receiving negative feedback can be even more difficult than giving it. Here are the 7 steps for managers to receive feedback from an employee, coworker or upper management. …

The 7 steps of giving feedback

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communication styles

Giving negative feedback to an employee is one of the more difficult aspects of people-management. Depending on the situation, emotions can rise if the employee does not receive the negative feedback well or feels it is undeserved. Although not all feedback is negative, positive remarks are often far easier to both give and receive. Here are the 7 steps to giving negative feedback. …

What managers can do about workplace bullying

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What comes to mind when you think of bullying? For many of us, the idea of a bully is the same. It’s that mean kid on the schoolyard who picked on others for seemingly no reason. But unfortunately, bullying doesn’t always halt at the toss of a graduation cap. Bullying is everywhere, and workplace bullying is a serious issue. …