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Tag: Conflict Resolution

Managing conflict: 5 steps for managers

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conflict management

Conflict, whether large or small, is an inevitable part of any team environment. When conflict arrives within a group of individuals, it can often fall on the manager’s shoulders to address and solve the problem. Here are Bookboon’s 5 steps to conflict resolution for managers. …

Applying Conflict Styles

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Check out the 5 most preferred Conflict Styles that will help you to solve future problems more successfully! …

Why interpersonal skills are important

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Click on this new article to learn more about soft skills in organisations!…

Why Focusing on Conflict “Resolution” Hinders Innovation

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Most conflict management theories and training courses are focused on resolving rather than actually managing conflicts.  The focus on “resolution” contains a dangerous assumption: that disagreements and conflicts are “a problem”. Most of the times, this assumption is incorrect: disagreements are excellent opportunities to collectively learn and innovate. Yet, it is not easy to acquire the skills necessary to transform disagreements and conflicts in learning dialogues and positive change….

How to Successfully Resolve Conflicts in Your Company (2 of 2)

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How to prevent damaging your company’s working environment….

Soft Skill Conflict Resolution: Your Team Morale Depends On It

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Do you know the benefits of conflict resolution for your business?…