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Applying Conflict Styles

Have you ever wondered if there’s a general way of solving any conflict? Something like a Masterplan? Well, there isn’t! Defining a conflict can be a difficult and sensitive procedure, as every conflict is different and very complex. Analyzing a conflict and getting to its root is only one step on the way of finding a solution. You need to detect which conflict style the opposition is using, in order to use the right problem-solving strategies yourself. Learn more by reading this article. (more…)

Why Interpersonal Skills are so Important

An employee with strong “people skills” is what every manager wishes for, as those skills are much harder to communicate than technical skills. Social skills enable people to maximize effective and productive human interaction. Read this blog if you want to learn more. (more…)

Why Focusing on Conflict “Resolution” Hinders Innovation

Most conflict management theories and training courses are focused on resolving rather than actually managing conflicts.  The focus on “resolution” contains a dangerous assumption: that disagreements and conflicts are “a problem”. Most of the times, this assumption is incorrect: disagreements are excellent opportunities to collectively learn and innovate. Yet, it is not easy to acquire the skills necessary to transform disagreements and conflicts in learning dialogues and positive change.  (more…)

How to Successfully Resolve Conflicts in Your Company (2 of 2)

In the first part of this two-piece article, we looked at the characteristics, objectives, and basic rules of mediation. In this second part, you will learn what each stage of this process looks like.  (more…)

Soft Skill Conflict Resolution: Your Team Morale Depends On It


The workplace can be a stressful place. Conflicts happen between managers and employees; it cannot be avoided. We also see conflict between employees, and between employees and clients/customers. This is only the human conflicts. A lack of ability to solve conflicts can negatively affect your business. That is why it is vital that you promote positive conflict resolution as a soft skill. There are tools you may use to promote good conflict resolution. The simplest is mediation or mindfulness practices, but you need a long-term solution. Bookboon can provide that.