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Why communication skills should be part of every L&D offering

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Comunication skills

More than three-quarters of the average employee’s day is spent communicating with colleagues, clients, and management (1). That is an enormous portion of time that could either be beneficial or detrimental to a company depending on the effectiveness of the communication skills of its employees. Communication affects every area of business making effective communication is an in-demand skill for organisations regardless of industry.  …

How to improve communication skills

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Did you know that speech only accounts for 10% of your ability to communicate a message? There is a lot more to good communication skills than just words. In fact, the biggest and most crucial influence on how you are perceived comes from your non-verbal communication at almost 70 percent. So, how do you improve your communication skills? …

What difficult conversation are you not having today?

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Research shows us that 25% of people put off having difficult conversations for over a year. Learn the 6 steps to valuable, honest and positive communication. …

He Said, She Said: Communication Skills and Active Listening

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communication skills

Have you ever caught yourself nodding along as someone tells you a story only to realise you have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about? Turns out you weren’t actively listening….

Communication Skills: Public Speaking

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Running a successful training session can put your communication skills to the test and can often involve the ever-dreaded Public Speaking….

Why interpersonal skills are important

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Click on this new article to learn more about soft skills in organisations!…

Personal Power That Simply Comes From Remaining Silent

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Learn more about the Power of Silence by reading this blog!…

5 Essential Communication Skills Everybody Needs

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Get the outcome you want from your important work conversations!…