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Dress for Success

Fine feathers make fine birds. The way you’re dressed is the first impression people get from you.  Being over- or underdressed can make situations feel weird and uncomfortable, which is something you should avoid while being in a sales -meeting. There is no second chance for a first impression, that’s why you want to make the right decisions when it comes to your outfit. Learn more by reading this article. (more…)

Why interpersonal skills are important

interpersonal skillsAs much as being up to date on the latest trends and techniques in your industry is important, an employee with strong people skills is what every manager wishes for. These interpersonal skills are much harder to come by than technical knowledge. Social skills enable us to maximise effective and productive human interaction. (more…)

Adding Humour to Participation


We tend to take ourselves way too seriously and associate humour at work with unprofessionalism. In this blog you are going to learn how to implement humour at your work place and to use it as a key to success. (more…)

Personal Power That Simply Comes From Remaining Silent

Silence can make a lot of people feel uncomfortable, so they feel the desire to fill the void of silence with pointless chatter instead of using it as a powerful communication tool. This blog will teach you about the certain energy of Silence Power and what kind of impact it has on the significance of your spoken words.

The Art of Delegation: A Soft Skill for Everyone, Not Just Managers

The workplace in 2016 is a different world from 2006. It can be claimed that some workplaces had too many employees. Yet today, we function with far fewer people. Soft skills, therefore, are much more important than ever as we require a diverse range of skills and flexibility. The delegation was once the exclusive preserve of the supervisor or manager. Today though, we all need to identify when we have too much work and encouraging others to help. Previously, and perhaps out of politeness, employees fear to ask for help. Bookboon has an effective solution to encouraging delegation…


Soft Skills: Do Your Employees Have The “Growth Mindset”?

What is a "growth mindset"? What is a “growth mindset”?

In the collection of soft skills required for the workplace, the growth mindset is probably low on your list. It may seem like meaningless “Business Speak”, but it’s not. It is about many things, not least of all capacity for personal development. We know how harnessing employee potential can be good for your business. We know just how equally important building their confidence can be. Mindsets can be an asset or a hindrance, but Bookbook has a great way of harnessing these skills. If you want your employees to break their fixed mindset, please read on. (more…)