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Dress for Success

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Fine feathers make fine birds. The way you’re dressed is the first impression people get from you.  Being over- or underdressed can make situations feel weird and uncomfortable, which is something you should avoid while being in a sales -meeting. There is no second chance for a first impression, that’s why you want to make the right decisions when it comes to your outfit. Learn more by reading this article.



Different Clothing for Different Occasions 

I’ve often heard the term “Dress for Success.” Many sales trainers teach this as an important characteristic of highly successful sales people. They usually mean, or it’s taken for granted they mean, wear a nice suit. First of all, how do you dress for success? Success means different things to different people. Mark Zuckerberg creator of Facebook is very successful I would think. And yet, I’ve never seen him when he’s not in a T-shirt. I’m sure there are times when he dresses up, but apparently not often for business. So what is dressing for success? What do you wonder he thinks of people who show up in $900 suits? Maybe he likes this, maybe he would prefer you be more casual like him. Most software companies are casual in their dress and won’t mind you showing up in dress casual.

Consider for a moment you’re going to visit a farmer to sell them an important product or service. What do you think the farmer will think of you if you show up in an Armani suit? The farmer will most likely laugh while thinking to themselves, “how can this person possibly understand my business of farming?” Maybe this is what they’re thinking maybe not. What if you showed up there more casually dressed in boots in the car if needed? The farmer will most likely feel more comfortable with you and listen more attentively to what you have to ask and say.


You only make a first impression once!

Really dressing for success means different outfits for different people and environments. If you’re going to see a CEO of a large corporation, you might dress in that Armani suit. However, if you’re going to see a construction contractor onsite you may want to dress casual, or business casual, and wear boots and a hard hat if you have one. It’s an important part of your first impression to look the part for the person or persons you’re meeting. Think of the chameleon. It’s constantly changing its colour as it moves into different environments. Remember, you only make a first impression once! Make sure to consider every aspect of that first impression when meeting prospects for the first time. More often than not, business casual, possibly with a loose fitting tie, will suffice if you can’t determine how to dress. If you think the tie is too much once you’re there, take it off. I often make a joke about being overdressed and take the tie off if it seems appropriate




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