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Shaping a Successful Future: How to Discover and Visualise Your Goals

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What do you want in life? Are you happy with your life right now?

Sometimes, it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly we want to change in our lives. If you are finding yourself in this situation, you can also figure out what you want from doing the exact opposite: Think about what you don’t want. Brainstorming with the following questions will make it easier to visualise your goals. 


How to find the path to a successful future

Think about these questions and write down your answers for future reference.


Questions to help you find what you don’t want:

  • What things in your life would you like to change or eliminate?
  • What personal traits would you like to get rid of?
  • What problems and pitfalls would you like to prevent?
  • What bad habits or personal traits would you like to avoid developing?
  • Is there anything else that you know you do not want in your life?

When you are done, review your answers. Often, you can easily identify the things you want from these questions. If that does not work, try turning each answer into a positive.

Example: “I want to eliminate working as a wage slave in a ninetofive office job.”

This could be turned into more than one positive statement:

“I would like flexible working hours” or, “I would like an independent income.”

Now answer one positive question:

  • What do I have in my life which I like and want more of?

Now that you have come closer to figuring out what your goals in life are, it is time to take a conscious action towards accomplishing your dream.


Creative visualisation fosters the right mindset for success

The best way to achieve your goal is to start thinking and acting like a winner. Try the following exercise:

Close your eyes and visualise yourself after accomplishing everything you wanted. Take a few moments to create a detailed picture in your head of yourself having achieved the goal – add as many benefits for yourself as you can think of. This is what is known as creative visualisation.

It might help you to take notes or draw pictures of the things that come to your mind.

  • How does that make you feel?
  • Did your life change for the better?
  • What benefits did you get from achieving this goal?

If you can’t visualise the final outcome of your goal, you probably won’t achieve it.

This exercise is designed to show you how you want your life to be. Positive thinking is key to any accomplishments: Positive beliefs in turn lead to amazing results. Once you can visualise and feel positive about your future, you are ready to start working on your goal.

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