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Tag: Stress management

Tips on how to learn to say: No!!!!

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No! Say it again: No! Are you one of many who find it difficult to say ‘No’? On our blog you can find some tips on how to say ‘No’. Test them and change your life!…

4 basic facts about stress

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Do you want to learn how to better cope with stress? We gathered some basic facts and tips about stress on our blog! Improve your stress defence system!…

Time Management: The best way to reduce stress

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Interested in how to reduce stress and increase the time you spend on important things? The answer is: time management! For more details visit our blog!…

Be honest: Are you leading a balanced life?

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Could you spend less time at work? Are you contactable at home? Maybe it is time for you to start moving towards a more balanced life! On our blog we have some suggestions! Start now as even small steps can make a real difference….

Understanding workplace stress

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Each year, stress-related illnesses cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity. It is important that managers and organizational leaders understand the causes of stress so that they might help their workers manage stress and control harmful reactions to stress. You can read more about this important topic on our blog….