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5 ways Positive Psychology can change your life

Positive Psychology, often referred to as the “Science of Happiness and Well-being”, is a fairly new academic area that looks at situations, emotions or actions that help individuals find meaning, purpose and a sense of accomplishment. Introducing some of the theories and practices that promote positive psychology can help individuals lead a more successful and flourishing life, both personally and professionally. Let’s look at 5 of them.


Why these 4 top companies swear by mindfulness at work

mindfulnessAs a manager, encouraging employees to take a moment away from the fast-paced speed of the modern workplace to slow down and feel present can seem paradoxical to most companies’ goals. However, once the 2500-year-old Eastern practice of mindfulness became a popular tool for self-help, it quickly gained credibility with businesses and has had a positive impact on employees’ focus, productivity, decision-making, and overall well-being.

According to the Harvard Business Review, Mindfulness as a leadership strategy can help employees to be more effective by directing focus, managing stress and developing emotional intelligence. This is why many top companies swear by practicing mindfulness at work. Let’s look at a few of them.  (more…)

Cortisol: The stress hormone that is ruining your workday  

Stress is a reality that plagues most of us from time to time and some of us on a daily basis. With the number of tasks we are required to take on at a time on the rise, stress in the workplace is increasing, which, ironically, is stressful in itself.

59 percent of UK employees say their workload has increased over the past two years and 66 percent say the speed in which they are expected to complete their work has increased as well.    (more…)

How to juggle kids and a career

Becoming a new parent comes with a lot of excitement a lot of change and a lot of questions. One common one being: What will happen to my career? (more…)

Why do people experience stress?

Managing stressStress is a natural, physical response to our perceptions of a stimulus. It has an evolutionary purpose: our need to protect ourselves and the innate ‘flight or fight’ aspect of our nervous system. When we were battling for survival, stress is what released the adrenaline that let us fight. So although most of us don’t have to battle our way into the office each morning, the response to stimuli and the stress that results still exist. (more…)

How does anxiety develop and how do we re-enforce it?

Anxiety at workThe causes of anxiety are often complex and difficult to determine. It does seem that some of us have a genetic predisposition to it but it’s also very much about our upbringing – if your mother was nervous, you may have ‘learned’ to be nervous, so it can appear to almost run in families. But your innate personality and temperament will play a large part too, modifying how you respond to your family environment and other external factors. (more…)