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Tag: workplace wellness

How to be happy at work: 5 tips for managers

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happiness at work

We spend most of our life at work so it’s important that it is a happy and fulfilling place. Here are 5 ways that managers can improve overall happiness in the workplace….

Workplace wellness: 5 ways to feel happier at work

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how to be happy at work

The good news is, not only is happiness at work important, but it’s also achievable. Here are 5 practices you can implement today to start feeling happier at work. …

Become a great place to work through L&D

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Here are 6 reasons that investing in L&D will impact every area of a business and make your company a great place to work. …

Workplace wellness: Four steps for dealing with anxiety at work

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Anxiety at work

The modern workplace is a frantic world. As time goes on, expectations from both ourselves and those above us keep increasing causing our anxiety to do the same. Here are 4 steps you can take to help with anxiety at work….

Mindfulness in Pakistan: 7 ways mindfulness can help your business 

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As Stress Awareness month comes to a close, making mindfulness a priority in the workplace will not only save employees stress but also save companies money. So, how can this mindfulness business help your business? …