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Mindfulness in Pakistan: 7 ways mindfulness can help your business 

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Mindfulness and mental health are becoming a focus in Pakistan with new studies emerging about the importance of wellness in the workplace. And as Stress Awareness month comes to a close, making mindfulness a priority in the workplace will not only save employees stress but also save companies money. So, how can this mindfulness business help your business? 

Businesses and burnout

According to the Harvard Health blog, over time, chronic work stress can lead to a psychological syndrome known as burnout. Warning signs of burnout are overwhelming exhaustion, cynicism, and a sense of inefficacy. Certain work-related stressors are closely linked with burnout.

How much stress costs your business

In 2018, 74% of UK adults felt overwhelmed or unable to cope with stress. That eye-opening number results in a lot of sick days. In fact, workplace stress and the varied diseases linked to it, such as anxiety, depression, heart disease, insomnia, and digestive problems cause employees to ask for 165,000 bed days and $300 billion USD in a year.

7 benefits of workplace mindfulness

Enhanced client and employer/employee relationships through actively listening, being appreciative, and demonstrating a kind awareness that translates into business success.mindfulness

Improved performance and productivity through improved cognitive flexibility, concentration, and creativity. After introducing workplace mindfulness, 88% IF Insurance employees reported an increased ability to stay focused.

Reduction in levels of stress within individuals, reduction in costs of absenteeism due to stress and stress-related illness. Transport for London reported a fall of 71% in days taken off for stress, anxiety, and depression upon introducing workplace mindfulness.

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Greater resilience suggesting improved emotional intelligence, with people generally better equipped to cope with demanding workloads, deadlines, and decision-making.

Employees with a greater capacity for tolerance within the workplace through improved self-regulation of thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

Increased staff retention through employee job satisfaction and employee engagement.

Enhanced job satisfaction through a clearer sense of purpose, and, enhanced interpersonal relations at work. Transport for London also reported that 80% of participants improved relationships after the company put mindfulness in the spotlight.

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Uncovering Mindfulness

For more on how workplace mindfulness can help your business cut costs, decrease sick days and improve employee well-being, check out our eBook Uncovering Mindfulness by Paul A. Mudd

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