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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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Boost your self-awareness

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emotional intelligence

Self-awareness is the basis of each component of emotional intelligence. It refers to people’s capacity to be aware of how they are feeling. Are you missing that capacity sometimes? On our blog you can find several suggestions which will help increase your self-awareness. …

Additional ways to improve your self-confidence

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Do you want to feel more confident at work? Here are some tools you can put into practice whenever you need a quick confidence boost. By practicing these techniques you will no longer have to ‘fake it until you make it’ – instead you will actually be more self-confident at work and in other areas of your life….

Use Emotional Intelligence to improve your results

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Emotional intelligence can appear in multiple forms and has multiple impacts in the workplace. It can made a difference in how the employees perform and in the results they are able to produce. On our blog you can take a look at some studies that proof the EI’s outcome. …

Understanding workplace stress

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Each year, stress-related illnesses cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity. It is important that managers and organizational leaders understand the causes of stress so that they might help their workers manage stress and control harmful reactions to stress. You can read more about this important topic on our blog….

Some of our best personal development books

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We have a bunch of personal development books that have helped a lot of our readers already. We are curious to know what you think about them….

Working abroad: How to get over the Culture Shock

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About 2/3rd of persons moving abroad are “rejectors”. They are not able to settle, withdraw in a protected environment and after a while return home. A very small minority fully integrates. What about you? Are you able to get passed the Culture Shock?…

5 ways to improve your self-confidence

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Do you feel like you sometimes lack confidence at work? Are you going to give a major presentation or are you about to ask your boss for a raise? You don’t feel as self-confident as you’d like, but you can follow a few tips to give you that extra boost of self-confidence you need….