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5 best communication eBooks

Check out the 5 best communication skills eBooks here!

We communicate every day with many different types of people without even thinking about it. A lot of it happens at work, where we hold presentations, discuss work with our boss and colleagues and report about our latest achievements and working processes. It’s often not easy to find the right words for a situation – that’s why we have picked the 5 best eBooks written by experts in their fields.

Here are the 5 best communication eBooks. If you would like to make your case for a pay rise to your boss, be able to communicate better with your team or learn how to stand up for yourself in a discussion, you will find what you are looking for.

Top 5 stress management books

stress managementSome of us find it easier than others to sit back and relax after a long day at work or uni. We have made a selection of our top 5 stress management ebooks which will help you to unwind and make the most out of your spare time!

Check out practical tips for relaxation here:

New ebooks online

Download free ebooks from bookboon! Download free ebooks from bookboon!

In the last weeks we have released a number of new titles. Among the new releases are ebooks on how to improve your time management, tips to further climb the career ladder, corporate ethics to improve your company’s brand, a guide to simplify the recruiting process and tips for marketing content your audience will love.

Find a selection of our latest ebooks below:

4 new free eBooks for students and business professionals

Our authors have been busy publishing new relevant titles. Our newcomers cover topics such as business models, project management, Assessment Centres and pollution.

There is a lot to discover. Just download and read these new free eBooks.

Enjoy the read!


Why these new free eBooks are for you

We just published some new titles for students and business professionals. Take a look inside and find out if these could be helpful for you, your colleagues and friends. The topics ranch from engineering to career and communication skills. There are more newcomers available on our website. All of our books can be downloaded for free. What are you waiting for?!
We hope our books help you both with your studies and job.


Control Engineering Problems with Solutions
This free textbook covers many aspects of control engineering and the use of Matlab. Get some free help with your studies.


Careering Ahead – Getting by, getting on or getting ahead?
How do you take control of your career? This eBook provides you with tips, advice and stories to help you find success in your career. It will help you to start Careering Ahead!


New free engineering textbooks – Mechanics, electromagnetism and more

Are you studying to become an engineer? Did you know that you can choose from over 80 free engineering books on Here are just 4 of our most recent newcomers. Many more engineering topics are waiting for you on our website.

Download and start studying straightaway.


Essential Electromagnetism

This book can serve as a textbook for 2nd and 3rd year electromagnetism courses at Australian and British universities, or for junior/senior level electromagnetism courses at American universities/colleges. Go for it!


Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment

This free textbook aims at including the most related and practical knowledge about MBR. And don’t worry, it is suitable even for those who don’t have any background in MBR. Read and gain new knowledge!


Why you shouldn’t miss these 3 new free eBooks

Would you like to be more assertive, get things done and become a persuasive leader? Then these 3 eBooks are for you.

Download our recent newcomers and develop yourself. You can find further help with your personal development on our website. But to start with, why not pick one of the books below? Start today! Good luck!

Your Assertive Development Journey
This eBook offers an innovative and distinctive look at assertiveness by taking you on an inspirational journey of self-discovery. A must-read for everybody who is looking for a more assertive self!

High-impact interpersonal skills – How to be a persuasive leader
Become a better leader by honing high-impact inter-personal skills such as: influencing; persuading; delegating; coaching; praising and more. This free eBook can show you how!


4 new free eBooks to enrich your business knowledge

Would you like to refresh or expand your business knowledge? Our authors, all experts in their fields of expertise, can help you with this. Just take a look at their free tips on topics such as communication, job search, dealing with difficult people and employing your first employee.
Your next step is easy: Just download these free eBooks and start developing yourself. 
Today is a good day to start, isn’t it?!

This eBook helps you stand out from the crowd by practicing your hidden communications skills. Make your communication work in your favor! 


Are you currently seeking a job in Australia? Then this eBook is for you! Download it and get that job!


4 new free textbooks to help you study

On a regular basis, we publish new free student textbooks. Some of this month’s newcomers include the “Ultimate Student & Graduate Job Handbook”, “Blast into math” and “Programming in Visual BASIC 6.0”. Could these or other titles be interesting for you or maybe your friends?

I guess we don’t have to remind you of the fact that all our books are downloadable for free – right here and straight away.

What are you waiting for? Download and study away!

The Ultimate Student & Graduate Job Handbook
Are you still studying or have you recently graduated and are about to enter the workforce? Then you need every bit of help you can get. Start by downloading and reading this free job handbook. Good luck!

Blast into math
This free textbook is a fun and rigorous introduction to pure mathematics. It is suitable for both students and a general audience interested in learning what pure mathematics is all about. The catchy and fun illustrations throughout the book will make sure you never get lost. Go for it!


New free business eBooks – must reads!

Would you like to start the new year with fresh business ideas? Then what are you waiting for! Here are 4 recently published business titles which can help you gain new insights into topics such as 
the Entrepreneurial Mindset, writing skills or time management.   

The time for developing your skills is now! Just click the download button and get free business knowledge straightaway!

This eBook will help you take control of technology, managing emails, reserve time for helicopter planning, schedule “work breaks”, follow your body clock and much more. Increase your productivity. Go for it!


Which things inhibit our entrepreneurial behaviour and how can we improve our minds to behave more entrepreneurially? You can find an answer to these questions in this new free eBook.