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The difference between soft skills and hard skills

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soft skills hard skills

Soft skills versus hard skills. What is the difference, really?…

New training and development blog: L&D trends 2020

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training and development blog

We have some good news. In December we launched Bookboon Learning’s new L&D blog. Throughout 2020 and beyond, our L&D blog will be a one-stop-shop for learning managers, HR professionals and anyone involved in talent development. Here’s what you’ll find on the blog. …

How to be more productive and keep on top of your job

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Creative thinking

As we entered the new decade, many of us made the resolution to make 2020 the year we prioritise organisation and productivity. To do so is not impossible but without the right tools, can be difficult. Use these effective steps to make 2020 the most successful year of your career. …

Post-holiday stress: 4 quick reads to stop it

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post holiday stress

Whether jet-lag is getting the best of you, or you’re finding yourself ignoring an overloaded inbox and dreaming of one last lazy morning instead, we’ve got 4 quick fixes to crush that post-holiday stress and give you a positive outlook on the new year….

7 free eBooks to improve employee satisfaction

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how to be happy at work

Research shows that employees who take an interest in their own learning and development are happier, more productive, more successful and more confident at work. Download 7 free eBooks to improve employee satisfaction. …

6 soft skills the UK’s next Prime Minister will need

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general election

On election day in the UK, we break down some of the soft skills Britain’s next Prime Minister will need….

What is Emotional Resilience and How Does it Work?

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emotional resilience

When we look at the behaviour patterns, attitudes and techniques that many people use successfully to cope with life’s stresses, five key themes emerge. …

4 eBooks to help master the top office programs

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Microsoft excel

Photoshop and Excel have become required daily tools for many roles but can seem daunting to those who have little experience using them. Whether you are used to using technology at work or unfamiliar with a new program, learning the basics of how to use the most popular office programs and software is a great way to develop within or outside of your role and stay up to date on the latest industry trends and spruce up your CV. Check out our top 4 office software eBooks here. …