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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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6 essential reasons to invest in soft skills development

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invest in soft skills

The organisations of the future must invest in their employees and company alike by providing training and development opportunities that will allow their staff to hone the skills of the future: soft skills. …

7 reasons your employees aren’t learning

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employees not learning

For L&D professionals who are always looking to defend the benefits learning brings to an organisation, knowing the barriers to effective learning is essential. Let’s look at the top 7 reasons your learners might not be reaching their full potential….

Employee development: 6 key influencers to employee motivation

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There are a number of key influences on creating positive feelings towards their own training and therefore motivating individuals to work towards completing it. Here are 6 key influencers to employee motivation. …

The future of work: The biggest L&D challenges according to learning professionals

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learning and development challenges

With all of the uncertainty surrounding what the workplace of tomorrow will look like, one thing is clear: businesses must take the right steps to future-proof both their employees and their companies. …

Communication skills: Using the 3 C’s of communication

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communication skills

When it comes to communication in any medium, there are three simple rules that should apply wherever possible: 1. Keep it clear. 2. Keep it concise. 3. Keep it credible. Let’s look at the three most common communication mediums and how to best use the three C’s….

Networking tips: 5 ways to build your network

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networking tips

One of the best ways to get a job is networking. Learn 5 secrets to expanding your network: associations, alumni, conferences, writing, and volunteering….

How to answer 5 difficult interview questions

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interview questions

Check out the best answers to some of the most difficult interview questions. …

What is emotional resilience and how does it work?

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emotional resilience

When we look at the behaviour patterns, attitudes, and techniques that many people use successfully to cope with life’s stresses, five key themes emerge. Let’s check them out. …

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