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Mental health in the workplace: 5 ways to manage stress

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mental health in the workplace

Stress caused by work can have one of the biggest impacts on our mental health. That’s why, for Mental Health Awareness Week, we have compiled five ways to manage your workplace stress. …

The 5 most important soft skills of the future

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future soft skills

The robots may be coming for our jobs, but working humans are not doomed as long as the companies they work for recognize the skills of the future and focus on building and developing the areas AI cannot do well….

How to be successful: 4 eBooks to secure success

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how to be successful

Success is something we all want but something that looks different to everyone. But whatever success looks like to you, there are a few key elements to achieving it that can work for everyone. Check out our top 4 eBooks on success and achieving your goals….

Why audio is an essential part of your blended learning strategy

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audio learning

Let’s look at 4 of the benefits of adding audio to your blended learning strategy. …

Time management tips: How to manage technology

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managing technology

Check out Bookboon author, Harold Taylor’s top 4 tips for managing technology….

6 secret learning desires your employees want but don’t want to ask for

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anonymous learning and development

In order to create a proactive learning culture, it is important that staff are encouraged to seek out as much learning as they can without the concern of repercussion from management….

Sustainable development: How to make your learning more sustainable 

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sustainable development

Sustainability is a word that is thrown around frequently these days and increasingly so in the business world. Many organisations around the world are making changes to their business models to meet the three pillars of sustainability: environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability. By diversifying the workforce, implementing recycling programs and making budget decisions based on long-term growth, organisations are already making choices that benefit a sustainable future. However, many of these organisations are ignoring a single factor that, through making small changes, can have…

How to save money with eLearning

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learn how to save money

There are countless ways that investing in eLearning can save organisations thousands but, when it comes to convincing budget-holders about the benefits of L&D, we know learning professionals don’t have all day, so here are the top 5. …