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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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Goal-Setting: Dream big and pursue your goals with passion

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How can you set and pursue new goals to turn your life around? It’s all about your strengths, dreaming big, imagining yourself succeeding and pursuing your goals with passion. Learn more on our blog!…

Personality typologies: Which one fits you?

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Are you someone who feels the need to be perfect, needed or to perceive? Find out which personality type you are on our blog. …

Enhance your self-esteem at work

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Do you feel that you don’t always receive enough acknowledgement for your work performance? Is your self-esteem suffering? On our blog we’ve collected some strategies on how to build your self-esteem at work. Good luck!…

What is your self-discipline level?

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What is your self-discipline level? What do you need self-discipline for and how can you achieve it? Find the answers to those questions on our blog. …

Be honest: Are you leading a balanced life?

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Could you spend less time at work? Are you contactable at home? Maybe it is time for you to start moving towards a more balanced life! On our blog we have some suggestions! Start now as even small steps can make a real difference….

How to fight the fear of public speaking

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One of the biggest obstacles that many business people and students face is the fear of public speaking. This kind of fear ranks among the top dreads, surpassing the fear of heights, fear of spiders and even fear of death itself. On our blog you can learn how to overcome the fear of speaking in public. Go for it!…

“Women in the workplace are….

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How would you complete the phrase “Women in the workplace are…”? In our latest blog post we point out how prejudice can affect the way we communicate with others – our family, friends or colleagues. Take a look at this and other factors and learn why you communicate the way you do! …

Is money really that motivating?

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It is often considered that money is the most important motivator. For some that may be true, but it is not universally the case. Indeed, money does not feature as one of the sources of pleasure. On our blog you can find out why not. …