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Additional ways to improve your self-confidence

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This article is based on the free eBook “Personal Confidence & Motivation”

Do you want to feel more confident at work? Here are some tools you can put into practice whenever you need a quick confidence boost. By practicing these techniques your self-confidence will naturally develop and will show itself in your actions and behaviors. You will no longer have to ‘fake it until you make it’ – instead you will actually be more self-confident at work and in other areas of your life. Why don’t we have a look at some of these techniques.

Sit up front

At work, sitting towards the back in a room can show either disinterest or a lack of self-confidence. Instead, sit up at the front of the room. You will feel more confident doing this over time as you learn that there is nothing to be uncomfortable about. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to put yourself in the eyesight of some important people in your organization.


Speak up

Many people are nervous about speaking up in group discussions. They may be afraid that others will judge them for what they say and they are concerned about looking bad or feeling stupid. However, we are usually amplifying this fear in our own minds – most of the time, people are much more accepting that we think they are. Make it a game with yourself. Decide that you will speak up at least one time in every group discussion that you’re in. You’ll find that it gets easier in time. You’ll be improving your public speaking skills and will feel more and more confident in sharing your opinions and ideas in front of other people.



Feeling low about yourself? Take a hike. Or a walk, or a bike ride, or go work out in the gym. Not only is exercise a great way to blow of stress, but setting and achieving physical fitness goals is an excellent way to feel better about your abilities. You’ll feel proud as you reach each milestone you set for yourself. Plus, you will feel more energized and probably more attractive as well – both of which can help improve your self-confidence.


Focus on contributing

In a similar vein to thinking about what you have to be grateful for, another way to keep from focusing on the negative in the world (and about yourself) is to focus on the contributions that you can make to the workplace and to others. When you shift your focus to what you give instead of what you get, you will stop worrying so much about yourself. Plus, if you can help others or contribute in some positive way, it will simply make you feel good.

You can find more tips on how to enhance your self-confidence in “Personal Confidence and Motivation” written by MTD Training.