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What it takes to become a great coach

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In order to become a successful coach, you need a certain set of basic skills, which you constantly need to practice. Talent alone is not enough. On our blog you can take a look at what it takes to turn yourself into a great coach. …

Career & Managing eBooks – from initial business ideas to a manager’s tasks

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Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business? Change your career path now! Our recent blog post shows you how! Good luck. …

Good vs. bad bosses: What employees really want

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No manager was born in his/her role as a leading character in a company. Many of them started as employees with fewer responsibilities. Therefore it is important for them to remember where they started and what they expected from their own managers. But what exactly do employees want?…

How to recruit the right person for the job

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People are vital to the success of any organization. It has been shown repeatedly that poor recruitment practices result in high labor turnover and absenteeism, with a consequent increase in costs. On our blog you can take a look at how to avoid this bad outcome by recruiting the right people in the first place….

Pratical PR, Inbound Marketing and Supportive Leadership

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Interested in what makes a successful inbound marketing campaign? Or, would you like to refresh your PR knowledge and read about which problems that appear in our society result from a decrepit leadership culture? On our blog we have got the right books with the right answers for you….

Must-haves for successful leaders

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Without exception, there are three traits that every leader must have in order to be successful: The desire to lead, the commitment to the vision of the organization and integrity. If you want to learn more about those three required traits, visit our blog. …

Get the right results by giving the right feedback

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Managers need to be comfortable with giving feedback to your employees. This is often the challenging part as they may fear confrontation, or their general management style may mean that giving feedback is uncomfortable for them. However, there are some methods you can use when giving feedback which will help ensure that you get the result that you want. …