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How to engage reluctant learners

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employee engagement

The process of nurturing proactive, self-directed learning is not the same for every employee. Luckily, there are a few steps L&D professionals can take to engage even the most reluctant employees, boost engagement rates and secure a positive ROI. …

7 ways to measure the ROI of soft skills learning initiatives

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Measuring ROI

Soft skills development is intangible which can make it hard to track and present an ROI. But the immense impact that soft skills have on every part of an organisation is much easier to measure….

Measuring the ROI of L&D: what does success look like?

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Before you commence any L&D initiatives in your workplace, it’s a good idea to think about what your overall goal is, and decide on what success would look like to your company. Being able to measure the ROI of L&D is incredibly important, and can ensure the continuing success of any L&D initiatives you put in place.  …