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Why eLearning is a modern fit for the 70-20-10 model  

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The 70-20-10 model is a well-known approach to how we learn at work and is used in many organisations all over the world. How does modern eLearning fit into an established model for how we learn?…

Employee engagement: 6 things for managers to think about

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teamwork skills

With employee engagement, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Here are 5 things to think about when it comes to engaging employees. 

Employee engagement: 5 ways to engage employees with your learning content

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employee engagement

Engaged employees are a benefit to themselves, their company and those in charge of learning within an organisation. However, engaging employees in training is far easier said than done. Here are 5 ways to get employees engaged in your learning content….

How eLearning can help define your success criteria

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By defining the success criteria of a learning solution launch, L&D professionals can easily prove its impact and show its very tangible and positive effects on the organisation….

How to improve soft skills in your workplace in Bangladesh

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soft skills training

Over the last few years, Bangladeshi businesses have begun to put more focus on soft skills training. With events and organisations centred around soft the importance of soft skills, Bangladesh is moving towards a soft skills focused workforce. Interpersonal skills, employability skills, leadership, and entrepreneurial development have become more important to organisations than ever before. The Learning and Development industry is growing and so is the need for information on soft skills training for leaders and managers.  Here are four ways to train your employees in soft skills. …

Why a third of UK workers did not learn new skills last year

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training and development

According to new research, British workers are being denied critical opportunities to up-skill for the future which meant that a third of workers did not learn any new workplace skills last year. …

The stages of learning

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the stages of learning

Learning a new skill is hard. It can be frustrating, overwhelming and cause many of us to want to – or actually – give up before we even begin. One thing many of us haven’t yet realised is that when we reach the point of wanting to quit, we are actually already two or three steps into the learning process. …

How to achieve a proactive learning culture

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Shifting the culture of any company can be an overwhelming task. As a leader, your role is paramount to creating and achieving a proactive learning culture….