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How to let introverted employees bloom

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Did you know that roughly one third of the world’s population are classed as introverts? That’s a huge number! Quite simply, this means that a third of people tend to exhibit similar characteristics when it comes to social interaction. However, when it comes to business, introverts have a unique range of strengths which are all too easy to overlook….

Why you need to tailor L&D strategies to modern ways of thinking

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It’s no secret that the modern brain works in a distinct way. On the whole, our attention spans are more limited, we’re short on time and we find bite-size pieces of information the easiest to digest.  …

Linkedin CEO says we need more training in soft skills

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Although we live with technology all around us, which would lead some to believe without the knowledge of programming or coding one may be left in the digital dust, it turns out that our inherent human skills are more valuable than ever….

Going Digital: Old School vs. New Learning

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Although more accessibility to devices on which to consume training from, such as mobile phones and e-readers, opens huge opportunities for flexible employee training, when it comes to the use of technology for learning and development, many organisations are behind the curve….

Four ways to improve your team’s motivation

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There’s no disputing the fact that motivation matters. Motivation is hugely important, both on a personal level and within the workplace. It’s an essential tool for success. And of course there’s no denying the correlation between motivation and productivity.  …