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Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Linkedin CEO says we need more training in soft skills

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Although we live with technology all around us, which would lead some to believe without the knowledge of programming or coding one may be left in the digital dust, it turns out that our inherent human skills are more valuable than ever….

How soft skills can secure you a job in finance

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The finance industry isn’t all about data entry and number crunching. In fact, now that AI is on the scene, the industry is on the hunt for individuals with strong soft skills….

How to get your employees ready for a world full of robots

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Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence and robotics on the rise we are on the verge of an automation revolution. 

According to the Word Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs” study in six out of ten jobs more than 30% of activities are technically automatable. The study suggests that 5 million jobs will be lost before 2020.* 

That’s less than two years from now… 

Does this mean humans will become obsolete? Far from it, even with advanced artificial intelligence there will still be a lot that computers won’t be able to handle without humans involved.   …