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How to make your learning platform feel like a consumer product

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netflix of elearning

HR and L&D managers can learn from consumer products and provide their learners with training materials with a look and feel they are familiar with, which not only engages but encourages retention and proactive learning….

3 ways managers can motivate staff

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When you hear the word ‘motivators’ what comes to mind? Many people may answer ‘money’, ‘success’ or ‘happiness’. While these are great reasons for self-determination, as a manager there are other ways to motivate your staff. Let’s look at three of them. …

6 ways Bookboon makes L&D managers’ lives easier

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To empower professionals to succeed, we need to make it easy for L&D teams to bring that content and those tools to their co-workers. That’s why we developed our corporate eLibrary – with currently over 1,700 eBooks on soft skills and personal development – in a way that not just focuses on the usability for end users but also making it effortless for L&D managers to implement and maintain. …

Work-life balance: 4 tips for managers

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worklife balance

Managers and other leaders often have some of the worst work-life balance rates among workers. Here are 4 ways for managers to find the balance between work and life….

Thinking skills: 4 ways to be a thoughtful leader

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leadership skills

One may have been convinced by films’ depiction of managers that thoughtfulness and leadership do not go hand-in-hand but this is not the case. Thoughtful leadership is a widely successful leadership model throughout many industries. Here are 4 ways to be a more thoughtful leader today. …

3 myths about change in the workplace

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change management

Change is as much a part of the workplace as it is a part of life. As a leader, managing through change can be an overwhelming and difficult skill to master especially with all the misinformation about change management out there. Let’s debunk three common myths about change in the workplace. …

The 7 steps of giving feedback

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communication styles

Giving negative feedback to an employee is one of the more difficult aspects of people-management. Depending on the situation, emotions can rise if the employee does not receive the negative feedback well or feels it is undeserved. Although not all feedback is negative, positive remarks are often far easier to both give and receive. Here are the 7 steps to giving negative feedback. …

Employee engagement: 6 things for managers to think about

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teamwork skills

With employee engagement, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Here are 5 things to think about when it comes to engaging employees.