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How a Flexible Approach Ensures Your Employee Engagement Programme is Truly Engaging

How can a flexible approach ensure your employee engagement programme is truly engaging? Employers want well motivated, creative, learning and flexible employees; employees want a workplace that uses their skills, recognises them as human beings, enables them to succeed at work and have a great life.  (more…)

6 Ways to Stop Your Employees from Being Too Engaged


Talking about employee engagement: Isn’t it annoying when your direct reports keep coming up with ideas of how to improve things and just can’t stop finding details that don’t work well in your processes? If you are a good manager, this is the moment where you say: “No, it isn’t.”  (more…)

Employer Branding: Why employee engagement is important for any business

Why employee engagement should move up the managerial agenda. Why employee engagement should move up the managerial agenda

In this e-book, Christina Evans skillfully guides us through the most important aspects of employee engagement, from past to present. Christina teaches and researches in human resource management and points out why employee engagement is important in every company’s employer branding strategy. Her main focus is individual career development and organizational approaches aimed at building a diverse workforce. Employee engagement has become a hot management topic, especially in businesses where organizational performance is dependent on this, such as in the knowledge and service industry.