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Tag: Teamwork

Mentoring: 5 steps to lead your Mentee to success

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Mentoring can be a very rewarding but difficult task and by following a few clear steps, mentors will see both their mentee’s and their own goals achieved effectively and efficiently. Here are 5 steps to lead your mentee to success. …

The 4 pillars of teambuilding

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teamwork skills

Successful leaders must have the right mindset to address the relational, situational, and rational aspects of team management. There are four power pillars under a people-centered approach to leadership: Mindset and the 3 G’s. Let’s take a closer look at those four pillars….

Change management: The process of change

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change management

No matter what the change, there will likely be some resistance from team members and it is a leader’s job to manage that change efficiently and effectively. Here are the 4 phases of the process of change management. …

Teambuilding: The 4 stages of teamwork

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No two teams are alike. Some team members work well together while others butt heads. Although team members vary massively, the journey a team takes to become a successful working unit can be broken down into 4 stages. …

Teamwork skills: 4 myths about teamwork

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teamwork skills

Building and leading a successful team is akin to taking a journey. Members of the team should experience it together but the teamwork journey is tricky for leaders to map. Especially as there is a lot of misinformation surrounding what teamwork looks like (Take “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM for example). Let’s look at four common teamwork myths and try to debunk them….

The 4 zones of employee engagement 

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employee engagement

As managers, we like to think of our teams as being made up of highly-engaged, proactive and solution-focused employees. After all, that’s why we hired them. But as it turns out, most teams are often nowhere near as engaged as we perceive them to be….

Interpersonal skills explained

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Interpersonal skills. You use them every day without even knowing it. We use interpersonal skills when we communicate and interact with people both personally and professionally. But what are these skills? And why are they so important?…

How to Build Your Team Through Organisational Theory

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Is the structure of your organisation built for success or failure?…