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Change management: The process of change

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change management

No matter what the change, there will likely be some resistance from team members and it is a leader’s job to manage that change efficiently and effectively. Here are the 4 phases of the process of change management. …

4 steps to career success

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What does success mean to you? Perhaps it means something different to you today than it did when you were in your 20’s. Maybe you’re looking to make a career change or working towards a promotion at work or maybe you’re planning on opening the business of your dreams. Whatever the reason you’re reading this is, you are on the hunt for career success and we’ll teach you how to get there. …

The Middle Manager: Learn How to Improve Your Ability to Lead

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Are you aware of your values and gifts?…

Altering Old Habits with Change Management

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In life, the only constant is constant change – use it to your advantage….

Change – We Want It And Resist It

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Everything is changing all of the time – for better and for worst. Change happens continuously and consistently in each and everyone’s life, at work and at home and yet, most of us resist change. Why? …