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Author Archives: Sally Watson and Maggie Shannon

Dr Sally Watson is a leading academic whose passion for learning enthuses all those she works with. Her approach is firmly rooted in a desire to help people transform their thinking, realise their potential and deliver results for their organisations. Maggie Shannon has a background in social housing, working at a senior executive level and leading on transformational and cultural change. She helps individuals, teams and organisations to thrive and improve, and has a positive and encouraging style.

The Middle Manager: Learn How to Improve Your Ability to Lead

The most effective way of improving your ability to lead others starts with yourself, and the skills and experience you possess. Self-knowledge is the starting point for personal development, and the soldier’s questions can help each of us to understand our purpose and motives. Important stuff, but how often do we pause to reflect in our busy lives? (more…)

Taking the Fear Out of Strategic Leadership

Are you scared of strategy? Making the move from operational, hands-on management to strategic leadership is a mystery to many of us. But there are some simple tools you can use to help overcome your fear and increase your power and influence at work.  (more…)