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How to Boost Communication Within Your Company: Talking To Stakeholders

In the first article, you learned about individual requirements for communicating professionally. In this article, we will examine what successful communication looks like across departments and business units.  (more…)

International Business: How Culture Influences Communication

When it comes to human interaction, it’s all about communication. Without communication, there can be no international business either. People speak and act out of their cultural backgrounds, and thus shape the global dynamic context.  (more…)

Effective Business Communication: Apps to help you!


Internal communication that is healthy is vital to a company’s progress. Employees like to be kept informed about what is happening with the organisation and so management need to implement a system that feeds into this. This below app is a useful tool to promote effective internal communication to drive a business forward.  (more…)

Bookboon is now on YouTube!

Bookboon's YouTube videos! Bookboon’s YouTube Channel!

We’ve recently launched our Bookboon YouTube Channel to allow our readers to take full advantage of our Bookboon eBook collection!

Our channel will be showing book selections according to topic, which will help you focus on project management, communication or math, and will even have tutorials, for example around Microsoft Excel.

Don’t miss out on our videos, your next lesson is right around the corner! (more…)

Socializing and Networking: How to Control Your Own Productivity

Socializing and Networking Beginner’s guide to more productivity at work.

Socializing and networking – there is a very thin line between these two. Well, both of them sound just the same. The distinction between the two lies on the topic of conversation. When it is work related, such as career issues in your workplace, it is generally “networking”. If it is not, then it’s a plain socializing.

If socializing is conducted on breaks, lunch times, or after work, this can’t be classified as interruption at all. However, when socializing is done during working hours, it becomes a distraction that affects the productivity of your group. On the other hand, networking interruptions need to be focused and mindful of time constraints to lessen its effect on one’s productivity. (more…)

What’s your communication style?

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There are three types of reaction styles; you are either a thinker, a feeler or a doer. Although all three of these traits are present in your personality at one time or another, one of them comes naturally, whilst the other two are occasionally put to use depending on the situation.

It can be useful for you to be able to recognize your own communication style, not only because it tells you how you communicate, but also as it tells you how you expect others to communicate with you. You can also gain information about how to identify these traits in your loved ones or those you work with to realise the positive effects of understanding this information to your relationships in all areas of your life.


Why should I share my contacts?

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Yes, why, indeed, now that I have achieved a favorable position by having attractive and important contacts in my networking portfolio. The most logical scenario would be to keep those cards close to your chest.

Some time ago, I had a meeting with an employee in a big organization. He was to arrange an important event for the greatest contributor to the organization. To make the event successful, he had to ask for help from colleagues who had some of the most important contacts. But when he invited them, he found they were reluctant to cooperate with him and back the arrangement.


Mediation: A 4-Step-Approach to Solving Any Conflict – Part 3

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Learn why a successful leader needs to have excellent mediation skills

In this third and final part of the article, we look at ways in which the mediator can bring the parties to move beyond reciprocal understanding, and actually formalize an agreement based on mutually agreed parameters.


Mediation: A 4-Step-Approach to Solving Any Conflict – Part 2

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Learn why a successful leader needs to have excellent mediation skills

In the last post, we looked at the first phase of the mediation process, during which trust is built between the mediator and the parties. We discovered that it was essential for each side of the conflict to be able to state his or her view of the issue at hand, without being interrupted, and with clear indications from the mediator that they are being understood. But the second phase is the most decisive…


5 Steps to bring out the best in your mentee and yourself

Solution Focused Mentoring Learn more about mentoring thanks to Ella de Jong’s eBook “Solution Focused Mentoring”

A lot of mentors are focused on the problems. What went wrong and why? Using a Solution Focused Approach means that you as a mentor are aware of the problems and focus on everything that can help to avoid the problems, overcome them or learn how to “live with them”.


You can easily notice the difference in problem focused mentoring and solution focused mentoring.


The keywords are: energy and hope. (more…)