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Body language: What your body is trying to tell you

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Balance is the key to life. Start listening to your body again.

Did you feel stressed this morning? Are you nervous about an upcoming exam or business meeting? And what about yesterday? Are you dreading to go to university or work almost every morning? Has life become too stressful?

Instead of ignoring the signs our body gives us, we should try to listen again, says Bookboon author Kurt Larsson in his ebook “Conscious body language”. Many of us compensate the emptiness in their lives with working long hours instead of going home and finding out what is missing. The answer is already there, we just need to stand still for a moment and listen.

Try this short exercise:

Notice the position of your head in relation to your body and the pull of gravity on it. Is your head sticking straight up, resting easily upon your shoulders or drooping forward? Are you relaxed or are you straining your neck and throat muscles to fight gravity in order to keep your head bent forward?

Now try closing your eyes. Enjoy a few deep and relaxing breaths while slowly moving your head to a more upright position. Consciously notice the effect on the muscles in your neck and throat. Sense where they begin to feel at ease and note the position of your head with respect the line of gravity through your body. Take a deep breath and open your eyes and observe your head’s relation to your body. Rest your head there squarely, effectively and comfortably upon your shoulders. How do you feel now?



Body language and empathy

In a world where everything is about performance and efficiency there is hardly any space for emotions. Educational institutions and companies have taught us to leave our emotions behind in order to function. However, lately the approach is changing and practices such as mindfulness, yoga, pilate and other practices have become increasingly popular.

The golden rule “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself” is still very much alive and can enormously increase our personal and professional success, thinks Kurt Larsson.


In his ebook “Conscious body language” he suggests to try the following in order to increase your personal and professional success:

• Try listening more closely and marvel at how much more even strangers will share from their personal lives

• Serve more and sell less and watch how your loyal customers begin warmly and spontaneously marketing you and your product

• Eat more responsibly and watch how you begin to feel better and regain a more attractive waistline

• Save more and spend less and watch how much more wealth you accumulate

• Listen to and consciously respect your body more and feel how many old aches and pains begin to dissipate

• Smile and greet everyone as an old and trusted friend and enjoy the way they treat you back.


Conscious body language can help you to improve your health, success and peace of mind. It may also improve feedback from your own senses and could help you to better sell, present, lead, service and create contagious team spirit. Have you ever heard an entrepreneur or manager talk about their gut feeling? It is usually right.

Now it is up to you if you open up the parts of yourself that define us as being human or shut them down to become a better-looking, more intelligent machine.
Read the ebook “Conscious body language” exclusively on Bookboon, download the book here.

Download "Conscious body language" here!