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11 Instant Techniques To Minimise Interruptions

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Have you ever experienced working on a very tight deadline and yet people around you seem not to notice and constantly disturb you? Have you ever hated a colleague or two for bringing you into some unnecessary conversations that led to your inability to submit a report on time? Have you ever regret socializing with your co-workers during your working hours? If so, this article is for you! Enumerated here are some of the best ways to maintain and even increase your productivity by minimizing interruptions at work. These techniques really work without making you feel isolated and look like a rude, mean and some sort of an alien inside your office. (more…)

3 best ways of using the “mail merge” option in Outlook

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Mail merging is one of the most essential and helpful features of Outlook 2013 which uses the Microsoft Word 2013 engine to produce and create personalized emails to several contacts in just few clicks. This has helped many users, not only in businesses, but also at home, in sending several messages all at once. Using the mail merge option in Outlook can save you a lot of time in composing and sending messages to a number of contacts. Before you get started, you might want to get your emails organized.


How to pursue your dream career

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When thinking about our future career, we need to follow the road we’ve given ourselves: the education we chose, the plans we’ve made. It seems the right and simplest way. The key is never to be passive: don’t stick to routine, try to create, invent and make a change.

Before you start planning your career, start thinking differently. Try to forget everything you have achieved so far. Try not to think about any norms or limits of society. Try not to consider the control others may have on you. Otherwise, once you reach your destination, going with the flow, you’ll notice something is missing and meet a personal struggle.

Why should you wait for this moment? You may prefer to surf the waves of life with pleasure, catching every opportunity, challenge or adventure life offers.


How to boost your memory

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Have you heard of mnemonics? It is a way to boost your memory and make sure you don’t forget your friend’s birthday or the important meeting at work.

All memory systems, other than rote, rely on mnemonics. A mnemonic is a device, such as a jingle or rhyme or acronym used to aid memory. For example, most people will know what ASAP means because they have heard it and used it so often. Yet those letters could stand for almost anything. They could stand for “All students are people” or “Approach silently as possible.” But once we hear the real meaning of something and review it a few times, the letters alone will make it possible to recall it. Our natural memories only need a hint to bring the memory out of mental storage.


Create a blank presentation from scratch

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In this article we will show you how you can create a presentation in PowerPoint from scratch. You will learn how to add slides, change the layout, add text and tables. What are you waiting for? Read on…


What’s your communication style?

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There are three types of reaction styles; you are either a thinker, a feeler or a doer. Although all three of these traits are present in your personality at one time or another, one of them comes naturally, whilst the other two are occasionally put to use depending on the situation.

It can be useful for you to be able to recognize your own communication style, not only because it tells you how you communicate, but also as it tells you how you expect others to communicate with you. You can also gain information about how to identify these traits in your loved ones or those you work with to realise the positive effects of understanding this information to your relationships in all areas of your life.


How to use Quick analysis in Excel

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Quick analysis is a new feature in Excel 2013.  Quick analysis looks at the data you have selected and offers you various options to analyze and summarize the data. Once you get used to using it, you will wonder what you did before! Check out our easy steps to Quick analysis below…


How to manipulate illustrations in Excel

Download the “Excel 2013 Core: Advanced” eBook here!

In this article we will show you how to add pictures to your Excel data sheets to add some illustrations to your work. You have the choice to insert a photo from a file or an online photo and we will also explain how to resize the image so it fits with your data. Read on to learn how to make your presentations more colourful.  (more…)

How to format text in PowerPoint

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The easiest way to make a presentation is to do it with PowerPoint. But maybe this time you would like your presentation to look a bit different. You might already know that you can format any text in PowerPoint, but did you know that you can also use WordArt in your PowerPoint presentation? Find out in this article how to change text to WordArt, insert columns and hyperlinks as well as how to apply formatting and styles.




Creating and editing a column chart

Download the “Excel 2013 Core: Advanced” eBook here!

A nice column chart can illustrate your results and convince your audience. Learn how to create and edit column charts with these easy steps. To get started now, please read on.

Column charts are great when used with data that has up to 12 data points. If your data has fewer than 12 data points or ranges then choose a column chart.