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European Bartender School launches its largest awareness campaign to date

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“We Make the World Taste Better“ is the title of the European Bartender School’s latest multichannel campaign that seeks to increase the awareness of high-quality cocktail making, targeting prospective students across universities and major cities in the UK. …

Blended Learning: Combining traditional and eLearning

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Looking to support your company’s training with online content?…

4 reasons your employees should use eLearning tools

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digital learning culture

eLearning solutions are a great help for managers struggling to stay ahead of the game despite sensitive budgets. …

How to master investigations

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One of the skills that managers should definitely look into is investigations. Bookboon author Jim Johnston explains their role in organisations. …

6 steps to great leadership

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Bookboon author Michael Schofield, the expert behind 50 Ways to lead your sales team, has given us a closer look into his eBook….

Author Renee Robinson on the art of communication

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Whether you like it or not, there is practically no way of avoiding technology. This is true in life and in the classroom….

Author Patrick Forsyth on negotiating with your boss

Posted in ArticlesLeave a comment author Patrick Forsyth has just published two eBooks on handling bosses and asking for a pay rise. Take a look at our interview of him!…

Linköping University: your new study destination

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Are you looking for a new study destination for an exchange program or a Master’s? How about Linköping University in Sweden? Take a look at what this great institution has to offer you!…