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European Bartender School launches its largest awareness campaign to date

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“We Make the World Taste Better“ is the title of the European Bartender School’s latest multichannel campaign that seeks to increase the awareness of high-quality cocktail making, targeting prospective students across universities and major cities in the UK. 

The European Bartender School (EBS) with its network of over 25 schools across the globe and solid reputation is the world’s leading bartender school. With over 16 years of industry experience and more than 50,000 European graduates, EBS has been setting its mark on the industry since 1999, providing hospitality venues such as bars and hotels with highly skilled bar staff.

Their nationwide advertising campaign combines digital, mobile and radio advertising, including video ads on Spotify – but it doesn’t stop there. Not only have EBS representatives been sharing their knowledge and passion of bartending at freshers’ fairs around the country, other traditional formats have also proved highly successful. From posters on all the main London Underground stations and tubes to newspaper adverts and articles, flyers and table wraps in student unions, the power of print media advertising should never be underestimated.

“In this decade, it’s all about online and digital campaigns – but we forget how influential print can be. For this campaign, we’ve rolled out a host of print material correlating with the area it’s in, the two together can be very powerful.”  –  says Ray Slater Berry, Head of Creative Strategy at European Bartender School.

In the largest offline campaign that EBS has ever done, universities and other areas with high footfall are targeted using a range of outdoor advertising across the country – in cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Nottingham.


The demand for quality bartenders continues to grow

With the recent boom in bartending culture and the increasing growth of the hospitality industry – the 4th largest employer in the country – bartenders continue to be in high demand (Oxford Economics, Sept. 2015).

Bartending, a valuable trade in itself, also affords a variety of transferable skills – otherwise known as soft skills – and is a perfect way of earning some money while at university. “Through educating the next generation of bartenders, we want to continue making the world taste better,“ says Gavin Wrigley, regional manager at EBS.

With schools in over 25 attractive locations worldwide, including Barcelona, Stockholm, Sydney, Phuket and Miami, EBS offers its students great opportunities to gain professional and social skills, travel the world and find the perfect bartending job anywhere in the world.

Their practice-oriented bartending courses are created and taught by industry experts. One of the most extensive courses in the industry is the 4-week course, developed by world-famous bartenders such as Marian Beke and Tom Dyer. Upon completion, graduates receive an internationally recognised certificate and access to the digital job platform EBS MatchStaff.

According to Ray Slater Berry, it is their “aim to continue changing the bartending industry for the better, heightening expectations on what it takes to be a bartender.”  EBS’s training programmes offer an efficient and accessible solution for current and future bartenders as well as hospitality venues worldwide.

More information can be found at the European Bartender School’s website.