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Data privacy scandal and the #DeleteFacebook campaign

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Facebook - Cambridge Analytica

Probably a few of you may not have heard about the #DeleteFacebook campaign that has been trending on every social media in the last few days.

Facebook had more than $50Bn wiped out from the stock market as the news spread about the data scandal their name got involved in with another company leading this called Cambridge Analytica….

Setting up a business as a woman: how to get a running start

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L&D Manager

How can women who want to embark on the exciting journey of setting up and developing their own business fulfil their dream? Successful entrepreneur Sandy Leong explains how you can get a running start in her (free!) e-book ‘Women’s Business’….

High-quality e-books on an easy-to-use platform that can be installed within minutes

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Give your organisation access to a complete eLibrary of personal development and employee effectiveness e-books from industry-leading authors. Installing Bookboon’s eLibrary on your current LMS, intranet or as a standalone platform takes only minutes. Get a taste of our e-books and download a free copy now of Bookboon’s “21st Century Corporate Learning & Development” by Prof. Dr. Nick van Dam, Global Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey & Co. [iframe src=”” width=”700px” height=”1200px”] Find out more about our eLibrary….

Why every L&D manager should consider a Bookboon eLibrary

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Looking for an online solution that allows employees to learn at the point of need? Look no further. With Bookboon’s bite-sized e-books for employee effectiveness and soft skills your employees can implement tomorrow what they’ve learned today. By making our platform incredibly easy to use and only publishing industry-leading experts, Bookboon boasts some of the highest usage rates in the digital learning sector. Whether you’re looking for content to fill your current LMS, a new cost-effective learning platform to add…

Worried about your data privacy?

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With the GDPR coming up, take a look at this article to keep up to date!…

Do Your Employees Know How To Use Email?

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Do your employees know about today’s email etiquette? Take a look at this article to find out more….

Being a great manager is about being a leader

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Do you know what really differentiates leaders from managers?…

Cryogenic Engineering: Software Solutions – Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems

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“Cryogenics” refers to temperatures below -150℃. Air and other “permanent gases” liquefy or solidify at these temperatures. Applications of cryogenics are in diverse fields: space exploration, high energy physics, magnetic levitation transportation, in steel, plastics, fertilizer, petrochemical, dairy industries, in medical applications such as cryoprobes in cryosurgery, whole body imaging etc. “Cryogenic Engineering” deals with production, transportation and utilization of cryogenic liquids. …