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Cryogenic Engineering: Software Solutions – Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems

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“Cryogenics” refers to temperatures below -150℃. Air and other “permanent gases” liquefy or solidify at these temperatures. Applications of cryogenics are in diverse fields: space exploration, high energy physics, magnetic levitation transportation, in steel, plastics, fertilizer, petrochemical, dairy industries, in medical applications such as cryoprobes in cryosurgery, whole body imaging etc. “Cryogenic Engineering” deals with production, transportation and utilization of cryogenic liquids. …

Interview with Dr. Chris Tisdell: One of Bookboon’s Most Popular Authors

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Find out why the author desided to create YouTube Workbooks instead of the classic textbook formats.

Get inspired to become an author at Bookboon by reading the interview of one of our most popular authors….