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Setting up a business as a woman: how to get a running start

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L&D Manager

On days like International Women’s Day (8 March) much is written about how we can support and empower women in the workplace. What gets far less attention is the fact that more than double the amount of men are self-employed compared to women (according to a study by the OECD).*

For women it is often about a life style choice, wanting to fit a meaningful and lucrative business around other commitments.

So how can those women who want to embark on the exciting journey of setting up and developing their own business fulfil their dream?

Sandy Leong, a successful entrepreneur who’s been running her own business for over 25 years, discusses the challenges and opportunities for self-employed women in her e-book “Women’s Business” – from conceptualising their business over to defining your customers to writing a business plan and figuring out your income and profit margins.

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