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Tag: diversity at work

5 ways to improve employee’s work-life balance

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work life balance

Work-life balance is at an all-time epidemic. Many employees are unable to find the time to ‘switch off’ and relax, much less complete their personal obligations outside of work. It is the manager’s job to delegate work and ensure employees are completing their jobs to deadline. However, it is also in the hands of a manager to ensure the people working for them have the opportunity to find some harmony between their work and personal lives….

The Secret Sauce for More Productivity? Diversity!

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Diversity at companies is more than just about “equal pay for equal work”, even more than about the fair and unprejudiced treatment of employees. Yes, it is all that, too – but having a diverse group of people on board has also become a business factor. Diversity means higher productivity, faster innovation – and therefore more success. …