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Managing diversity: 3 tools to manage diversity

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The world really is becoming smaller. Social and technological advancements have allowed us to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce than ever before. There are many benefits to having a diverse workforce such as increased innovation and adaptability, reaching a broader market and improved productivity. This, as well as ensuring employees feel safe and educated on diversity, makes it extremely important that leaders within organisations know how to manage diversity. That’s why we’ve compiled 3 of our best eBooks to help you run a diverse and successful workplace.

What is managing diversity?

managing diversity

Managing diversity refers to a range of management and leadership practices that aim to value diversity in the workforce and help an organisation be more successful. The goal of managing diversity is to encourage productive and mutually beneficial interactions among employees in any organization and to value employees with different backgrounds, needs, and skill sets in order to produce optimal benefits for employees, for the organisations they work for, and for communities and customers they serve.

Managing diversity

This book provides an introduction to the theory and practice of managing diversity. It covers topics such as: the role of historical struggles in the development of managing diversity practice today, demographic and social change; theoretical debates; discussion of each of the main groups that managing diversity programs often focus on like gender, ethnicity and religion, people with disabilities, and mature workers; and practical tools for implementing valuing diversity initiatives.
Managing Diversity here.

Diversity and inclusivity at work

Discrimination in the workplace is a serious topic. All global businesses have compliance and policies against discrimination, but it still happens. Diversity without inclusion is a meaningless concept that is triggered by lack of education. This unknown manifests into discrimination. The book targets on this education, and deals with stress appraisals while working with people from minority groups of race, sexual orientation, age, gender, and physical ability.
Download Diversity and Inclusivity at Work here.

Conflict management and cultural diversity

How far can mediation help in intercultural conflicts? This book gives comprehensive and practical insights to answer this question. From her own practice as an intercultural mediator and conflict coach, Susanne Schuler shows intercultural mediation as a powerful tool to assist us in changing perspectives and developing a curiosity for the issues of others and to overcome intercultural differences more constructively. You will learn about conflict sources and styles, triggers, challenges and how to use your resources to develop effective strategies when being in a conflict situation. Amongst top tips and exercises you will be able to learn from real-life-scenarios which bring the material to life.
Download Conflict Management and Cultural Diversity here.