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7 tips on how to become a coach

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Have you always wondered how to become a coach? author Ton de Graaf answers 7 questions on what it takes to enter the coaching market. …

David Wright on what makes great teams and leaders

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There’s always something new to learn about team work. Author David Wright knows this well, which is why he called his eBook “The Myths and Realities of Teamwork”. Have a closer look at this expert interview! …

How to give and receive feedback effectively

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Are you good at giving and receiving feedback? Really? In this article you can learn what it takes to be a great ‘feedbacker’….

Why Emotional Intelligence is the key to success – by Crystal Jonas

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Interested in raising self-awareness and solving conflicts more easily? Then take a look at our latest interview of Bookboon author Crystal Jonas….

Expert interview about fighting your fears and setting goals

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In business and in life, a great way to move forward and to find a sense of meaning is to create goals and a vision. This is what Shenandoah Chefalo, author of Setting your vision and defining your goals, addresses in this interview. Have a look and take a closer step towards your future!…

10 elements every successful business blog needs

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A business blog can be a powerful tool to market your company. In this article you can find 10 elements your business blogs need in order to succeed!…

9 out of 10 students find textbooks too expensive – The Big Bookboon Textbook Survey

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We have asked close to 10.000 students about their opinion on digital vs. printed textbooks. Interested in what students from the US, UK or Netherlands have to say? Then take a look at our results. …

How to apply abroad – Finding a job in Germany

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Do you want to successfully apply for a job in Germany? Then bear in mind that there are some differences in the German application process. Have a look at the most striking ones and make sure that your application to Germany is a success….