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This is for all our awesome 500.000 Facebook fans! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We just reached incredible half-a-million Facebook fans. This is why we would like to say a special thank you to all our fans, friends, followers and readers.



Your support is a daily incentive to living our mission to provide you with free quality textbooks – and we at never stand still. (more…)

In memory of Svein-Arne Jessen

Svein-Arne Jessen
15.04 1937 – 31.12 2012

It is with great sorrow that we would like to share with all of you the passing of one of our authors, Svein-Arne Jessen.

Our collaboration with Svein-Arne began in 2009, after which he published his eBook on project leadership in 2010. He has always been an important Bookboon ambassador, recommending and promoting us to further potential authors, students, his business network and journalists.

During our work with Svein-Arne, we were pleased to discover an enthusiastic and inspiring and hardworking personality. It was always a pleasure to work with him.

Thanks to his international background, Svein-Arne was also very popular among our readers from all over the world. (more…)’s textbooks will remain free for students’s textbooks will remain free for students

On Tuesday, I was saddened to hear that Flat World Knowledge chose to give up on their idea of providing students with free university textbooks. I want to take this opportunity to explain to our users and fans why will not be forced to do the same.

I do not think this was an easy decision to make for Jeff Shelstad, CEO of Flat World Knowledge. Jeff said to that the free-access model threatened Flat World’s “overall sustainability”, obviously he needs to act to ensure the future of his business.

I believe the reason that it has come to this is that Flat World Knowledge never developed a functioning business model around their free-access offering, in the sense that they never made money directly on the free traffic. They were only relying on converting free users to paying customers. I can assure you this is not the case for (more…)

How your review can make a difference

Our concept and success is based on our readers’ feedback – in other words: on your feedback!

We’ve recently updated our book review function to make it easier for you to leave a comment. You can now find a review button under each of our titles on the book pages themselves.

Just click on the button and you’ll be directed to a message box where you can compose your review.

On this page you can also assign the number of stars you think the book is worth (1 = poor, 5 = great).



This way you can tell us and the book’s author directly what you think of a certain title and’s concept in general.

Your feedback will only take a minute and will be a huge help to your fellow readers, to us and our authors.

We appreciate your opinion!

Your team


9 out of 10 students find textbooks too expensive – The Big Bookboon Textbook Survey


On the occasion of the start of the new semester we have asked close to 10.000 students about their opinion on digital vs. printed textbooks. Would you like to learn more about international students’ reading and learning habits? On the right you can see, for examples, the results from the US. Interested? Then take a look at the other results. And last but not least, thanks to all those who participated in our survey.

About the survey

Our textbook survey was conducted between the 1st of June and the 1st of September. During this time close to 10.000 students from countries such as the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands answered our questions about the use of textbooks. Let’s take a look at the results – in a written and graphical version. Don’t miss this!


Some of the main results

  • US students are the champions of digital textbooks: 58% favour digital over printed textbooks.
  • UK students are the kings and queens of taking it easy: 62.5% of the students in favor of digital textbooks prefer them because they are easier to carry.
  • Dutch students never get tired of flipping real pages around: 70% of them are still preferring printed books.
  • Indian students are pioneers in matters of eTextbooks: 54,1% prefer digital before printed textbooks
  • 94% of the Germans refuse to always buy the required textbook
  • Almost half of the Swedish students realized they only need a few chapters of their textbooks


All results of the specific countries 


And here are some of the articles featuring our student survey


Thank again to the thousands of students who filled out our questionnaire, you have been a great help!

Please like, share, tweet, comment or repost! 600+ Open access textbooks

Open access textbook One of our over 600 open access textbooks

As we know, it is difficult for students to access quality textbooks at a low cost. In 2005, decided to take a stand and found a way to fulfil their mission: all students should be able to go through university without paying for textbooks.

To reach this goal, already provides a range of over 600 freely accessible textbooks, a number which is constantly growing, and is now the largest publisher of open source textbooks – with textbooks in 7 languages.


Concept and mission

The concept and mission is clear – only publishes free and openly available textbooks and eBooks which can be downloaded in PDF without registration.


Embed any free Bookboon eBook on your website

There is a new Bookboon feature online: If you are thinking of linking to a specific eBook on, you can now also get an embed-code which enables your visitors to download any Bookboon eBook directly from your website.

Just click the embed function below your chosen book, copy the provided code and voilà: Our book is on your website where your visitors can download it for free. Any questions? No?! Then take a look at how it will look like in action: example.

How to get it

How it will look like: Large version


Blog partners

These are our blog partners:

Blog Directory & Business Pages at


Free textbooks: Top downloads 2011

It’s done! You crowned the 2011 textbook kings and queens.

By analyzing your downloads, we finally found out which textbooks where the most popular ones last year.

Check them out! Maybe they can help you with your next exam-prep like they did with your fellow students.

Download the most downloaded textbooks of 2011 for your exam success 2012.

1. “Strategic Management” came in first

Strategic Management


2. Silver goes to: “PowerPoint 2010 Advanced”


(more…) live on air in the US

Last Sunday we were lucky enough to be mentioned on the Karel show on KGO Radio in San Francisco. The presenters simply loved it! Our name came up as Shachar Pessis, Co-Founder of the website AllMyFaves, talked about which websites caught his attention last week. Check out how we did on our US radio premiere.

MyWeeklyFaves about on KGO Radio (San Francisco)

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