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Bookboon interviewed on SABC

James van Westhusien , Bookboon’s country manager in South Africa, was interviewed on SABC News Morning Live to talk about the difficulties that South African students face when it comes to the hidden costs of student textbooks and how Bookboon is solving the issue by making thousands of high-quality textbooks easily accessible for free. (more..)

Swets crisis: Alternative eLibrary solution

Bookboon eLibrary Bookboon’s eLibrary, the most simple and effective solution in the market.

We at Bookboon have heard about the difficult times that Swets is currently going through, and understand the challenges this provides for employees and customers affected by this unfortunate situation.

Bookboon is one of the obvious alternatives for Swets clients, as we have the capacity and are very happy to help them in their transition.

Thanks to the Bookboon eLibrary, which includes an extensive portfolio of over 400 quality business eBooks, we offer an ideal alternative to Swets.

Bookboon is the world’s largest eBook publisher, and focuses on high-quality educational books for business professionals.

We specialize in helping clients with internal training, education, and development of employees. (more..)

How we reached 1 million Facebook fans

1 million Facebook fans! WOW!

We’ve made it: We reached our long time goal, an incredible 1 million Facebook fans. We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the people who support us in our mission of offering free education to every student in the world. (more..)

How learning calculus from YouTube can work for you – By Frédéric Mynard

This interview was conducted with Frédéric Mynard, the author of the free textbook "A youtube Calculus Workbook" This interview was conducted with Frédéric Mynard, the author of the free textbook “A youtube Calculus Workbook”

Are you interested in calculus? In this interview calculus expert Frédéric Mynard explains how to make your calculus self-study most effective, how “word-problems” can be solved and why a calculus flipped classroom is a great way to gain a deeper calculus understanding. Take a look! (more..)

eTextbook gains marketshare – Piracy is an increasing problem’s yearly student survey

The majority of US students is reading digital textbooks for their college and university studies. But one out of ten downloads their course content from unauthorized websites. This is putting academic publishers at risk of losing billions. This was revealed by a yearly student survey conducted by eTextbook publisher, who surveyed 1,896 students. (more..)

Global educator Chris Tisdell: Why free textbooks and videos are the key to future learning

Chris Tisdell, author of the free textbook Chris Tisdell, author of the free textbook “Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook”


1. Chris, as a little introduction for our readers, could you tell us what and where you teach? Also, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I describe myself as an aspiring “global educator”, as I teach mathematics to hundreds of thousands of students all around the world. A small, select cohort are taught face-to-face via my classes at UNSW, Sydney, where I am a mathematician. The vast majority engage with my free, online educational resources, such as my YouTube mathematics videos and my Bookboon eBook “Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook“.

Enabling the role of “global educator” are the current world trends of free and open educational resources (OER), including very popular online learning platforms such as: YouTube EDU; MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses); Academic Earth and A driver of these trends for educators/creators is a moral and social responsibility to freely share knowledge with the world.
Before coming to academia I was in the music industry. I was a reasonably successful DJ for 10 years, performing alongside well-known acts like Fatboy Slim, Tiesto and Chicane. I also ran a small record store for five years. (more..)

This is for all our awesome 500.000 Facebook fans! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We just reached incredible half-a-million Facebook fans. This is why we would like to say a special thank you to all our fans, friends, followers and readers.



Your support is a daily incentive to living our mission to provide you with free quality textbooks – and we at never stand still. (more..)

Our smart new website: Find your free book in only 10 seconds

We are proud to announce the launch of our new smart website. Not only do we now have new features such as a responsive website, customized suggestions, recommendations, an optimized review function and different sorting opportunities, but we have now also made our page easier to navigate. Among others, we’ve made sure that you’ll find any book in 10 seconds or less and that our site adjusts to the screen size of whichever device you use.

This article has gathered some of our new features. Feel free to browse our website and see the changes for yourself. We appreciate your feedback and comments. Ready, set, go!

10 facts about students using eTextbooks

According to our latest survey, over 50% of students in the US and India prefer digital over printed textbooks. Moreover, more and more students from Europe would also rather learn with eTextbooks.

Some of the reasons for the popularity of digital study material are their low price, instant access and portability. But what is especially desirable amongst students is the eTextbook search function. You can learn more in a new survey published by

If you’d like to discover more about what is new in terms of e-learning, don’t miss these results and the infographic below. Take a look! (more..)’s textbooks will remain free for students’s textbooks will remain free for students

On Tuesday, I was saddened to hear that Flat World Knowledge chose to give up on their idea of providing students with free university textbooks. I want to take this opportunity to explain to our users and fans why will not be forced to do the same.

I do not think this was an easy decision to make for Jeff Shelstad, CEO of Flat World Knowledge. Jeff said to that the free-access model threatened Flat World’s “overall sustainability”, obviously he needs to act to ensure the future of his business.

I believe the reason that it has come to this is that Flat World Knowledge never developed a functioning business model around their free-access offering, in the sense that they never made money directly on the free traffic. They were only relying on converting free users to paying customers. I can assure you this is not the case for (more..)