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Swets crisis: Alternative eLibrary solution

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We at Bookboon have heard about the difficult times that Swets is currently going through, and understand the challenges this provides for employees and customers affected by this unfortunate situation.

Bookboon is one of the obvious alternatives for Swets clients, as we have the capacity and are very happy to help them in their transition.

Thanks to the Bookboon eLibrary, which includes an extensive portfolio of over 400 quality business eBooks, we offer an ideal alternative to Swets.

Bookboon is the world’s largest eBook publisher, and focuses on high-quality educational books for business professionals.

We specialize in helping clients with internal training, education, and development of employees.

Simplicity is the key to our solution:

a) IT Implementation takes about 15 minutes

b) Easy to use – no registration, your employees can download a book in 10 seconds

c) Financially highly competitive

Thanks to our easy-to-use solution, over 70% of all employees entering a Bookboon eLibrary download a book.

Advantages for your company:

1. You will educate and develop your employees

2. No maintenance, the eLibrary automatically updates itself

3. Time effectiveness without any extra work for you

Advantages for your employees:

1. Easy access to 400 quality eBooks

2. Attractive and relevant topics

3. No registration

This is the most simple and effective solution in the market.

If you would like to know more about our solution, and how we can help you, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Kristian Buus Madsen

CEO of


Telephone: 0045 35 43 33 66

Kristian Buus Madsen