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Effective Business Communication: Apps to help you!

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Internal communication that is healthy is vital to a company’s progress. Employees like to be kept informed about what is happening with the organisation and so management need to implement a system that feeds into this. This below app is a useful tool to promote effective internal communication to drive a business forward. …

Remove all barriers and re-focus on (e)learning!

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Empower your staff to get the quality content they need!…

Interview with Dr. Chris Tisdell: One of Bookboon’s Most Popular Authors

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Find out why the author desided to create YouTube Workbooks instead of the classic textbook formats.

Get inspired to become an author at Bookboon by reading the interview of one of our most popular authors….

Flexibility is the Key to a Productive Workforce!

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Inflexibility may simply be a lack of confidence in work skills……

Problem Solving: Why This Soft Skill of Employees is Important for Companies

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Employees with this soft skill are highly valuable for companies….

Excel 2016: How to Split Cells in Excel for a Better View

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What are the different ways of viewing Excel 2016’s worksheets?

Read this article and learn how to manipulate these views. Enjoy reading!…

What to Do to Help Stop Bullying at Work

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When you are being bullied at work: What should you do?

Do you know that 25% of bullying victims leave their work? …

Excel 2016: 3 Simple Steps to Hide and Unhide Portions

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Hiding and Unhiding Portions in Excel.

In dealing with Excel, most especially with formulas, there are necessary portions that we need to include but not that so important to be shown. There are also portions that we do not want someone to mess with or change, for if it is changed, the entire worksheet or workbook will be negatively affected. Messing with those portions will not make your file work out the way you planned and designed it to be. With these instances, the “hide and…