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eTextbook gains marketshare – Piracy is an increasing problem

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Check out the results of our yearly student textbook survey. One interesting finding: One out of ten US students downloads their course content from unauthorized websites. Read more here!…

What textbooks need to really fit students’ and educators’ needs

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What can be done to change textbooks to better accommodate both students’ and educators’ needs? Read this exclusive interview with Physics Professor Ulrich Zürcher and find out!…

Global educator Chris Tisdell: Why free textbooks and videos are the key to future learning

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Read this interview with global educator Chris Tisdell about the future of education – including YouTube videos, free online textbooks and much more. Don’t miss this! …

10 facts about students using eTextbooks

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What do students like about eTextbooks? We found a survey including an infographic which can give you the answer. Go for it!…